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Re: Fail the Resolution that is Anti-Presidential Administraion

Thank you Malcolm: I agree with you and am now in damage control mode. 

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On Feb 23, 2017, at 1:44 PM, "Malcolm G. Brown" <mbrown1991@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I read every comment from the public verbatim. The social and economic damage from the visibility of this proposed Resolution has already taken place and will probably grow, even if the Resolution fails to be adopted. 
I strongly recommend damage control, including but not limited to ethics investigations and recall petitions for the three Council members who placed their narrow, divisive and authoritarian personal and political interests above the benefit of the community as a whole.

Thank you,

Malcolm G. Brown
Homer Building Maintenance

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On Feb 21, 2017, at 11:33 PM, Bryan Zak <bryanzak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thank you so much for sharing your concern about the negative impact this resolution has on our community. I am sorry that I could not prevent it from making it before the body but assure you that it will not pass.

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On Feb 20, 2017, at 12:36 PM, "Malcolm Brown" <mbrown1991@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Honorable Mayor and City Council,

I respectfully request that add my letter to the record as a supporting document and that you vote against the Resolution to be introduced at the Feb. 27 council meeting that does not support President Trump for the following reasons:

1. It is not factual. Winning the Electoral College vote is winning the popular mandate. It is correct to state that he did not win the popular vote but that is not how elections are decided.

2. The temporary travel ban is a vetting process that can help slow down the infiltration into the US by radical Islamic extremists who can gain easy
entry from failed nations that are experiencing civil wars and/or countries that sponsor terrorism against the US, such as Iran. Although the majority of the applicants probably meet the required criteria for entry, care must be taken to minimize the risk of accepting agents of terrorism. I have some "skin in the game" in this area. I am proud that I was able to serve for a year in the Middle East (Kuwait and Iraq) during the Global War on Terror. I put my life on the line and dealt with family separation and massive disruption of my civilian career for more than 18 months because I wanted to take a stand against the murderous, anarchic and nihilistic activities of radical Islamic extremists and to keep them as far away from the US as possible.

3. The City of Homer should not be viewed as a "Sanctuary City" that condones illegal immigration. Showing support for illegal activities and selective enforcement and compliance with legal requirements veers close to anarchy.

4. The statements that President Trump discriminates against Veterans are not accurate. In addition to his appointment of Veterans to critical Cabinet posts he also has the support of most of my fellow Veterans that I am fortunate enough to be able to communicate with.

5. In closing I would like to state that I am a long term resident of the City of Homer. I have owned a home in the City since 1991, I currently own a local business and have owned several other local businesses. My family and I and have lived in Homer since the early 1970s. 

Thank you for your time and consideration and for your efforts to make the City of Homer a great place to live!


Malcolm G. Brown

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