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Sorry, but I cannot nor will I support this unlawful and decisive resolution.  The introduction of this resolution has stirred the pot of hysteria and divides our community.  We have more important issues to deal with.
From: Nina Faust [fausbail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 9:03 PM
To: Tom Stroozas; Catriona Reynolds; David Lewis; Donna Aderhold; Shelly Erickson; Heath Smith; Mayor Email

P.O. Box 2994
Homer AK 99603

February 20, 2017

Dear Council Members:

RE:  RESOLUTION 17-019 OF THE CITY OF HOMER, ALASKA:  stating that the City of Homer adheres to the principle of inclusion and herein committing this city to resisting efforts to divide this community with regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, national origin, physical capabilities, or sexual orientation regardless of the origin of those efforts, including from local, state or federal agencies.

In light of the heightened intensity of rhetoric in the country expressing racist, anti-semitic, sexist, and derogatory statements toward women, religious minorities, immigrants, and others who may be different, I believe it is good for the City to set a tone that expresses support for the civility that makes a community a wonderful, welcoming place to live for those who chose to live here.  Homer is a very special community, one that does show caring, concern, and compassion for those who need a bit of extra help.

We have a generous food bank, people who are trying to help folks who are homeless, organizations that help kids who need a leg up with school supplies and some extra food, and so much more.  As we look around the community we can see the network of good that reaches out to many who need extra help and welcoming.

But despite all of this, there is in Homer an undercurrent of the same divisive, nasty rhetoric that has increased in the past year nationwide.  Passing this resolution is an affirmation of the good qualities that the citizenry of Homer demonstrate daily.  When a surge of the incivility arises in the country or a local community, a resistance to making that kind of behavior unacceptable is important.  It is not acceptable that students start using racist language to minorities in schools.  Schools should be safe zones for all students.  It is not acceptable that a woman has to put up with misogynistic harassment.  The examples can go on and on.  The bottom line is we all deserve to live our lives without the fear that can be induced by hateful language directed at minorities, women, disabled, LGBTQ, or others.  Language does matter.

I think this Resolution is a good way for the City of Homer to emphasize the nature of our community at large—safe, inclusive, caring, kind, compassionate, and welcoming of the diversity that different individuals bring to Homer.


Nina Faust