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RE: Resolution

I do not support this unlawful and stupid resolution.
From: Robert Pankratz [rpankratz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2017 7:11 PM
To: Mayor Email
Cc: David Lewis; Donna Aderhold; Tom Stroozas; Catriona Reynolds; Heath Smith; Shelly Erickson
Subject: Resolution

This is to inform you that I am opposed to the resolution before the City Council brought forward by members Aderhold, Reynolds and Lewis.  I understand from the local newspapers that the resolution has been rewritten but I think it is impossible to make a “silk purse out of this pig’s ear”.  This was a back door attempt to make Homer a sanctuary city without saying so, and pushing a radical far-left agenda at people who voted for President Trump.
Anybody who has lived in Homer for more than 4 hours knows the residents are very diverse, have multiple opinions on any subject and are passionate about their position.  At the same time, for the most part they have a live and let live attitude.
If the objective of this badly skewed resolution was to get an argument I am sure you will get an ear full.  I don’t see the original or a re-written resolution being good for the city and should be dropped.  I think any attempt to codify the sentiments in the resolution would end up making the city more divided, less tolerant, jeopardizing parts of the local economy, perhaps putting some federal funding at risk, and offending non-residents to the point where some of them will vacation elsewhere to spend their money ,( just look at some of the comments on social media).
What I want you to focus on are the streets, water & sewer, harbor, jobs, and the budget.  If you need a social cause to work on, work on drugs, homelessness, crime,  etc., etc. and the list goes on.  Think twice before you cause a real problem where one does not now exist by passing any form of this resolution.

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